Instructions for Presenters

 Posters are A0 format and the orientation should be portrait (longer side vertical). The poster should be fixed to the wall in your allotted space (check the number of your poster) using stickers with velcro that will be available at the conference. All posters will be displayed during the entire conference, to be seen during coffee breaks, lunches, and receptions.

Oral presentation slots last 15 minutes: 12 minutes for talk, 2 minutes for questions, 1 minute for transfer. Poster presenters have a 5-minute slot for oral presentation: 3 minutes for talk, 1 minute for questions, 1 minute for transfer.

 Computers will be available in each room; have your talk ready on a USB stick, preferably in pdf format. You should load your presentation onto the computers in the lecture halls during the lunch and coffee breaks of the day that you are presenting. Check that it works. You may also use your own laptop. Check its compatibility with the projector in the room. Please bring a pdf copy on USB as backup. Two members of staff will be responsible for each room, so that you should always be able to find one of them in each room.

So as not to have 400 talks named ``BIFD presentation'', please name your talk based on the following example. ``2C3_Rossi.pdf'' means Day 2 (Thursday), room C, 3rd session of the day, author name Rossi. You should then copy your talk into the folder called 2C3 that you should find in the computer in your session room.


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