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Magnetohydrodynamics [O. Zikanov (Michigan) & C. Nore (LIMSI)]

Bio-locomotion and propulsion [R. Godoy-Diana (ESPCI)]

Films and drops [A. Oron (Technion)]

Transition to turbulence [M. Avila (Erlangen) & D. Barkley (Warwick)]


Topical Sessions:

Geophysical Jets and Eddies: instabilities and non linear interactions [A. Stegner (LMD-Polytechnique) & P. Le Gal (IRPHE-CNRS)]

Flow Control [D. Sipp (ONERA) & L. Mathelin (LIMSI-CNRS)]

Active Fluids [E. Clément (ESPCI/UPMC) & I. Aronson (Argonne)]

Instabilities in Nature [P. Claudin (ESPCI) & B. Andreotti (ESPCI/UPD)]

Fluid-Structure Interactions [O. du Roure (CNRS/ESPCI) & D. Saintillan (UCSD)]

Non-Newtonian fluids [A. Lindner (ESPCI/UPD) & A. Morozov (Edinburgh)]

Electrokinetics [G. Yossifon (Technion)]

Industrial applications [A. Gelfgat (Tel Aviv) & J. Derby (Minnesota)]

Computational Methods for Bifurcations and Instabilities [J.-C. Robinet (ENSAM)]

Thermal Convection [L. Tuckerman (CNRS/ESPCI)]

Vortex Dynamics [M. Rossi (CNRS/UPMC)]

Multiphase flows

Wind Turbines



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